Vape Mail!


Man am I excited! The day is warm, work is done, and I feel like a kid on Christmas.

Only three weeks ago I stopped at a gas station and decided to give e-cigs another try. I spent $15 on two “E-Hookahs” and couldn’t wait to bust them out of their packaging. I ripped the first one out the box, raised it up, and took a drag.


I gave it a look over to see if I missed anything, but it looked fine. I tried to take another drag but still got zip. Now I was getting frustrated. I dug the box out of the trash and read the whole thing trying to find something that I was missing.


I tossed that one aside and unboxed the other one. This time, when I took a drag I could hear the atomizer fire and I could feel the vapor. The taste was bland, but at least it was working. Well, sort of at least.

It was becoming 2008 all over again. Memories of cheap Cigalikes and leaky cartomizers were all coming back to me. No matter how long of a drag I took, the vapor production was just bad. Disappointed, I tossed both of them in the trash and went to sulk outside. I couldn’t believe that in 2017 e-cigs were still this bad.

Then I remembered my wife’s friend had something he called a “mod box,” which he claimed was a complete game changer. Curiosity and hope returned as a started scouring YouTube for videos. I remembered that back in the day I would watch Grimm Green as I dripped e-juice into my cheap carto. I’m happy to say that he’s still pumping out great videos and has become a huge player in the vaping community.

After watching as many videos and reading as many articles as I could get my hands on, I decided on the CoolFire IV TC100 kit from I wanted something inexpensive but in the beginner to intermediate range so that I could grow into it a bit. This was perfect for me since it came with a tank and the batteries were internal.

A week of pure torture later, I finally got my first mod. What a difference! Huge amounts of vapor and the flavor was so much better than I had ever expected it to be. I had arrived. The days of analogs were behind me, and ahead lies the promised land of no more stink and the ability to vape in my living room.

I watched more videos to catch up on all the innovation that had taken place over the 9 years since I had been in the know. Things had certainly changed. Mods. Mods everywhere. Tanks of all shapes, sizes, and styles. RDA’s, RTA’s, RDTA’s, and what the hell is squonking?

After another week of ‘research,’ my first official vape mail arrived. I had decided to jump into this new era of vaping head first. I had seen the light and was ready for more. I want to experience it all and spread the good word, and to be honest, I just really dig how techy this scene has become. So now hear I am, writing about my second attempt at that vaping lifestyle.

I’ll be reviewing everything I get my hands on right here at I want to share my experiences with everyone who will listen, and maybe even convert some analog users along the way. If I like a product, you’ll hear about it here. If I don’t, you’ll get my honest opinion.

I’m going to wrap this first post up with a list of the great stuff I received for my first vape mail. Check back soon for reviews on everything listed below and even more to come. Thanks for reading!

Vape Mail Haul

  • SMOK Alien 220W
  • SMOK V8 Baby RBA
  • Twisted Messes Squared RDA
  • Vandy Vape Govad RDA
  • Nitecore Digi Charger D4
  • Organic Japanese Cotton
  • Coil Master DIY Kit 3.0
  • Master Of Clouds 26g Kanthal A-1
  • Master Of Clouds 26 SS 316L
  • GO NANAS from naked 100
  • Chill’d Tobacco from Cosmic Fog
  • 29 flavor sample pack from YOU GOT E-JUICE




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