Vape Juice Review | Blueberry Frost from High Caliber

Hey Everyone, happy Tuesday.

Today I’ll be taking a look  at Blueberry Frost from High Caliber. Now if you’ve already ready my review of their Cherry flavor, you know I wasn’t overly impressed. So let’s see if this one is any better.

The description on MVS says that this one is “A blueberry flavor that is perfectly blended with menthol to enhance the blueberry and leave you with a cooling after note.

I do enjoy a good menthol and I like blueberry, so this one came with some high expectations for me. On the inhale, the first thing I get is a nice, light blueberry taste followed by a hard hitting minty coolness. The two really do compliment each other quite nicely. On the exhale, it’s mostly minty menthol and not much blueberry.

This is a really nice methanol/minty vape. The fruit flavor is very mild and only pops for me on the first few puffs. After that, it’s just a really intense menthol until I give it a break for awhile. This is a great vape for a hot day.

High Caliber uses a standard 30PG/70VG blend which leads to good vapor production and a decent flavor profile.

Compared to the Cherry flavor, this is night and day. In my mind, High Caliber definitely redeemed themselves with this one and I’m more willing to order more from them after trying it.

If you’re looking for a nice minty/menthol vape with just a hint of blueberry then you should give this one a chance. Overall, I’m happy with it and will definitely be finishing the bottle.


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